Better Schools

I have been seeing this advertised a lot on the news lately and am still trying to get my head around it all.

Just when we think we might have an idea of what our teaching career will entail looks like there is changes coming our way!

One thing I did like was

The new funding model will calculate a school’s funding based on the individual needs of every student they enrol. Schools that need more money—because they support disadvantaged students, are smaller in size or are located in regional or remote areas—will receive extra funding.

Hopefully this will mean all schools no matter what size will be funded appropriately!

Performance Payment

We had a rep from the union come to our school last week and discussed some of the changes they want to have brought in. One of these was performance payment for teachers.

I dont think any of the teachers were happy about this!! It seems as though performance will be judged on student results and we all know that all students are different some are at higher and lower levels, so would this mean teachers would be reluctant to take this students on?

Also teachers share resources and ideas – I doubt any teachers will continue to do this if this implemented!


I had to create a lesson for health this week and it had to apply to all grades so prep to grade 7.  It is only a 15 minute lesson and the only way I could think to incorporate ICTs was to use youube!

The lesson was based on rubbish and I thought I would share the music videos thats I came accross!

Rap video – older grades

Rhianna Parody-  younger grades

They were a hit with the teachers as well as the students, if we had a little bit longer we could have created our own versions!!

Only 3 days left! The last 2 weeks have flown!

ICT Ideas is a wonderful site for ideas on how to implement ICT into your lessons as well as sharing many posters that can be printed with things such as ICT rules and and the names of parts of computers – for the younger grades.

Here are just a few ideas from the website:

  • Using a Visualiser – Ideas for using a visualiser in the classroom.
  • Genre Net Web Pages – Explains how to teach children about different genre, while using computers (and particularly the Internet). Contains loads of ideas and guidance relating to Word Processing, Using Email, Searching the Internet and Making Web Pages.
  • Running an ICT Club – Lots of ideas and activities to try during your ICT clubs.
  • Computer Contract Powerpoint File – A presentation reminding children how they should behave in computer rooms, in a light-hearted way. Contains American spellings. Contributed by a visitor.
  • ICT Schemes of Work PDF File – A PDF which contains an index of the QCA Schemes of work for ICT. Contributed by Liam Buckley.
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Template Powerpoint File – A fantastic Powerpoint presentation file, which can be used to set up quizzes related to any topic you are teaching! Contributed by Mary-Anne Crook.
  • Workstations and Networks – Two handy worksheets giving children guidance about the key features of workstations and networks.
  • End of Term Party Project Powerpoint File – Use this presentation to introduce a project where pupils have to plan and prepare for their own end of term party! Contributed by Diane Simpson.


Ms Stokes came across a wonderful resource

Each week my teacher gives her students new spelling words and they work through many activies each day to assist them in learning their words.  This website would be such a big help for creating crosswords!

Teachers and parents: Use crosswords to review vocabulary and lessons for all subjects. Students may actually even enjoy doing the assignment! Crossword puzzles encourage logical thinking and correct spelling. Crosswords can be printed or uploaded to your website.

All you have to do is give EclipseCrossword a list of words and clues and crossword is created!!



Karen shared this wonderful resource

There are rotational activites that occur in my classroom twice a week.  Currently a timer that explodes with a bang goes off when its time to move to the next group.  I also like this resource as it gives children more of a concept about time with more detail. 

The students in my room do however love the bomb as it usually catches the teachers off guard as they are too involved in their groups activities so it creates a bit of a laugh amongst the class.  It certainly gave me a fright on my first day!


Brain Pop

Brain Pop is a site that I have discovered in the classroom.  My mentor has subscribed to it – at a cost of around $100 for tweleve months.  In my school to make up non contact time evenly some teachers teach other grades subjects.  My mentor has to take grade four science.  I took a lesson myself the other day, flowed on from my last prac as they were doing the same unit.  Resources like this come inhandy because they cover all age groups and give teachers a flexible resource.  There is heaps of really interesting videos which are great for introducing topics.


I found this website which lets you create your own websites in maths and geometry.  I found this handy as drawing angles for assessment and lessons would have been a nightmare!

You can choose what sort of angles you would like and it even omes with the answer sheet – saves realising mid lesson that you yourself need to work out the answers!!

My class does a lot of worksheets to keep in their maths books, as a teacher it has been good to look through their books and see how far each student has come, as al have teacher comments and feedback.


Angles using ICT

Is a website with many interactive games assisting students in understanding angles.  The grade sixes in my class absolutely love playing it themselves, and at the end of lessons often ask if we can play one as a class.

I guess this isnt the greatest use of ICT to aid in learning but I am finding that it really engages the students and throws some tricky questions at them!

Before starting angles I had no idea how I was going to implement ICT into my lessons but these actvities have been fantastic and a big help in keeping all the students engaged.